The 6″ cleaver features a slightly curved blade making it great for rocking through veg. Its thin geometry helps it glide through food.

It features an 6″ O1 tool steel blade; 2.4mm Flat ground stock, tapering to the tip.

– Forced patina finish
– Mosaic pins
– Stabilised wooden handle
– 5” handle

What are they made from?

Knife Blade


All of the knives are full tang and made from Carbon Steel. A fine grain structure allows for a very keen edge. Over time, a patina will form on the surface of the metal, documenting the knife’s journey as it’s put to work!
Knife Handle


We use a variety of woods from Burrs to Burls. All the wood is treated, helping to protect it in a cooking environment. We also produce a special edition range using a Woollen Composite.
Knife Pins


Each knife is decorated
with handmade Mosaic
Pins. Steel, copper and brass
are held together in resin,
forming simple, yet
beautiful shapes.

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Our customers love their Blok Knives

This man is on the cutting edge. The Aston Martin of the cutting world!

Xanthe Clay, The Daily Telegraph

Blok have produced me something I’ve wanted for several years… our own British knife, made in Britain, by an English craftsman!

Sat Baines, Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms

I wanted to let you know how utterly thrilled I am with my knife, it is absolutely amazing! I love it!

The weight is perfect, the balance is bang on, the blade is generous, and the tip exquisite... and it looks almost gladiatorial.

Sarah Hawke, Customer