Benjamin Edmonds

The man of many talents... Used to be a designer and founded Blok Knives in 2012. When he’s not inventing you’ll see him slowly driving past on his Harley Davidson.

Favourite meal // Tapas

E: T: +44 [0] 330 100 4565


Jack Stevens

All things metal and the music man. Enjoys writing songs for his band, The Thieves. Partial to a bit of travelling, photography, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and having a swift one in the pub!

Favourite meal // Saveloy sausage and chips with curry sauce

T: +44 [0] 330 100 4565


Patrick Storrar

Likes wood… a lot. In his spare time you can find him clay shooting, walking his Schnoodle Tyrion, eating multiple chocolate bars whilst dreaming about travelling.

Favourite meal // Roast chicken dinner

T: +44 [0] 330 100 4565