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Howdy folks, and welcome to the Blok Family

We are passionate about food! We value processes… from sourcing to making, from cooking through to eating. It is all about the experience.

Blok Knives, Blok Customs & Blok Smokehouse

We hand-make the knives for preparation, we build the tools for cooking and hold events for eating, education and the Blok experience!



Lovingly Crafted Kitchen Knives

Each knife, handmade in our workshop in Derbyshire. Sold on our website every Friday at 1pm [Derbyshire time]. Custom orders are available, drop us a message to customerservices@weareblok.co.uk


Cooking Solutions with a difference

Building all things metal, for all things cooking! Blok Customs has a range of off the shelf cooking products but also undertakes custom builds. Why not fire over your ideas over to customerservices@weareblok.co.uk


A place to eat and learn

It's a smokehouse, in a workshop! Serving up Traditional Texas style BBQ.
We also run various cooking classes along with knife skills workshops.