Our Custom Fabrications

We love nothing more than to hear your ideas. Whether it’s Custom Built Barbecues, Furniture, Kitchenware or even Charcoal Ovens then let us know your designs in mind. We love a challenge and look forward to creating your perfect piece!


Rhyse Farm Wedding Venue

This bespoke 5m x 2m Barbecue System designed and built for the prestigious Rhyse Farm Wedding Venue.
Comprising of two custom made Argentinian style grills, fire baskets and Belfasts sinks with a large central area for additions such as a Pizza Oven.
There's also a full corrugated galvanised stainless steel roof complete with guttering.
Chef Laurence Henry

Masterchef The Professionals Winner 2018
Chef Patron – Cleaver and Wake & Binks Yard

Charcoal Oven - Cleaver and Wake

Table Grill

Cleaver and Wake

Skewers - Taco Holders - Branding Irons

Sat Bains

Restaurants Sat Bains
2 Michelin Star

Off-Set Smoker
Candlesticks - Wine Coolers - Shelving - Menu Holders

We designed and created the tables to fit perfectly with the classic style of Restaurant Sat Bains.

One of our favourite projects, these quirky little Handbag Tables. What a great idea!

PHOTO-2022-06-10-14-01-12 2

Bear Coffee

Waiter Stations - Kitchen Pass - Signs
Personalised Barbecue

David Hancock

Personalised Barbecue
Personalised Barbecue

Sophie's Steakhouse Soho

Custom Barbecue Grill System
Would you like us to build something for you? Reach out...


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