Our Table Grills

Key Features

• Easy to transport
• Fully lined with VERMICULITE for heat retention
• Grill is fixed with location pins to stop movement [can be easily removed for cleaning]
• Adjustable air flow
• Solid mild steel construction / classic BLOK patina

Hako Grill

A unique take on the table top grill.

This elegant barbecue is ideal for ‘around the table’ social events and the full on hustle and bustle of a pro kitchen.

The HAKO Grill is the smallest of the bunch making it ideal for transporting around for barbecue gatherings or picnics. However, it’s not to be underestimated. The robust body and solid construction make it a contender in any fast paced cooking environment.

SIZES 335mm LENGTH x 230mm DEPTH x 200mm HEIGHT
FEEDS 2-4 People            BUY HAKO HERE


Naka Grill

The most popular of the bunch.

Mid range in size, but not in ability. This grill is ideal for slightly larger groups. More cooking space means more food.

The NAKA Grill is the most popular of the bunch. Still easy to transport, it offers a bigger cooking area making it more suitable for larger parties.The robust body and solid construction make it a grill that will stand the test of time

SIZES 575mm LENGTH x 230mm DEPTH x 200mm HEIGHT
FEEDS 4-8 People                  BUY NAKA HERE


Kita Grill

The professionals choice

The largest in our grill family. The KITA is a pure work horse.

This grill is designed for food enthusiasts and professional Chefs alike. Sitting just under a meter in length, its solid structure, fully lined inner and long grill make it perfect for searing, grilling and cooking a variety of meats, fish and vegetables

SIZES 895mm LENGTH x 230mm DEPTH x 200mm HEIGHT
FEEDS 10-12 People                  BUY KITA HERE


Our Accessories

The Mini Stack

With the MINI STACK, you can quickly and easily move your food around, adjusting the cooking temperature in an instant. This addition offers multiple trays at various heights, meaning controlling your cook is fast and efficient.

Our YAKITORI RACK makes street food-style skewers possible from your BLOK TABLE GRILL.
The compact and light build makes it quick and easy to attach allowing all Yakitori lovers to relive that Japanese market experience.
The Hangy Thing

Our HANGY THING attachment is specifically designed for hanging things!

Using the specially designed bars of THE HANGY THING  you can now use your BLOK TABLE GRILL to slow cook many types of foods over the residual heat of your coals.

The Plancha or Half Grill/Half Plancha

Adding our PLANCHA or HALF GRILL/HALF PLANCHA to your BLOK TABLE GRILL means you can now use the solid area as a flat cooking surface allowing you to grill items such as SMASH BURGERS, FRIED VEGETABLES, EGGS and much much more. The possibilities are endless!